Travelling Vicariously


Whenever someone tells me they’re going on holidays, I start mentally packing my bags for our trip.

While they enthusiastically run through their itinerary, I imagine what I will be wearing during their hike, tour or show.

A couple of weeks ago I was catching up with a friend. He was telling me about his upcoming trip to the UK and all I could think about was Mr Darcy diving into the pond at Pemberley. I know he mentioned something about travelling to Germany but frankly at the time I was too busy having a cucumber sandwich with the Queen.

I am not sure what that funny look on his face was hiding when I blurted out “Is there room in your suitcase for me….?”  I am going to guess he was amused, but he should have been scared because if I could fit in a suitcase, I would have taken a sleeping pill and unfolded at Heathrow.

During the next few days it was clear that the whole country had plotted to go overseas and leave me here to run the country and pay all the bills.

You can understand how I feel as I sit here scrolling through photos of my friends in Greece, China, UK and the USA. I am wondering where is my big adventure?

Then almost like in a dream I heard a whisper. The voice came from the very place where all great ideas are born. Yes the bottom of my wine glass lowered her glasses and asked in a surprisingly sarcastic tone ‘Why don’t you go with them?’

If I can dream it, I can do it.

So in 8 days I am off to the US. Well not really, but my friend Brooke is going on holidays and she is going to pack me in her suitcase.

Yes in less than two weeks I will be travelling vicariously through the USA. Brooke had planned a solo trip but why go off on your own when you can take me with you?

How you ask?

The plan is simple and brilliant like all my simply brilliant plans.

During her trip to The U.S of A she is going to twitter our adventures together documenting our trip with selfies.

Where there is Wi-Fi there is a way, yes in fewer than 140 characters and photo evidence I will be travelling vicariously on the cheapest holiday of my life.

You might think I am sitting behind a desk on a Monday, hell let’s be honest I will be, but in 2014 it doesn’t have to be the only thing I am doing. I might also be having a Frappuccino as my legs dangle off the Grand Canyon.

So while others around the world were booking flights, lining up to get vaccinations or yelling at cab drivers, I readied myself by watching Brooke create her Twitter account.

Ok maybe I hit the create button but that’s not the point, the point is that she is now an official member of the Twitter Verse, if you are on Twitter you can follow her here —>  @canningbrooke

After every big adventure we are left with only memories that eventually fade and hopefully a few decent photos that forever remain as evidence.

Which means of course that if this holiday is documented on social media it is as real as your $10,000 getaway…right?

Let’s say yes.

With adventure on the horizon, the anticipation is building.  Brooke, her Wi-Fi and I are going to have the best holiday ever!

I will of course keep you all posted on My Vicarious Travels via this blog.

If you too are afraid Starbucks will politely ask you to stop checking in, why not take the day off and show me the sights? Or if you’re planning a trip, my hand is up; I will travel anywhere for free.

Here is all you need to know – Difficulty rating: Common Sense.

  1. Download this Photo and save on your mobile / cell phone.
  2. Download a Super Impose app like … SuperImpose I paid $2.49 for the Pro Version as it lets you add your own back ground.  Its pretty cool and lets you share via Twitter and other social media.


  1. Print and cut out the below picture.
  2. Tape a paddle pop stick behind it.
  3. Use the stick to hold it up as you use your other hand to take the photo.

travel vicariously

  1. Upload the photo to Twitter or Instagram, tag me and tell me where I am and what I am doing there!

You should know one thing, if you take me away on holidays I will be forced to blog my version of events – After all sharing is caring 😉

Bon voyage,

The Vicarious Traveller xo

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