Two Ears One Mouth


This morning the sweet old lady at the deli needed to talk. She often talks about her favourite foods as she is surrounded by delicious treats from all over the world. I was paying when she told me her dad had passed away,  I completely missed the lead into that conversation.

She spoke about her mum who died at the age of ninety seven. She sobbed as she packed my groceries into a plastic bag whispering “I miss my mama”. My heart broke for her.

“My sister has cancer” she said looking at me. I stood there not sure what to say, or do, there was a counter between us so I couldn’t even offer her a hug.

She said that once you hit sixty ‘voom’ seventy is right there.  I was lucky to be so young and had nothing to worry about she said. I laughed and thanked her.

“I miss them” she said.  I told her that I had lost my dad to cancer too. She smiled and nodded like she knew I understood.

“What are you doing the rest of the day?” she asked as I waited for my sister in-law. “Nothing, I plan to rest” I smiled.

While she served my sister in-law she told her that she was going to work until two and then go home and make a dish her mama taught her to make. I was glad to leave her with a smile on her face.

So many people need someone to talk to.  Have you noticed that? I get it a lot lately.

I was sitting at the café at work last week and an Admin Assistant, a stranger,  started to talk to me from across the café and then decided to join me. As I put away my note book (and hoped to later remember what I was writing) she told me all about the issues she was having at work. She just needed an ear I guess.

When I worked in a different industry I would hear from time to time that people found me intimidating.  I would joke and say but I am just a little girl.  Lately I feel like I am a walking confessional booth. People just sit next to me and spill their hearts out.

I don’t know what has changed, have my ears grown? Or I am happier and people can see that? I don’t know.

When I am upset or need to talk to someone I head to family or my close friends. If it’s about my family I go to my close friends and vice versa – I know I am genius.

As a kid I would tell my dad to listen to me with his eyes.

He would laugh and stop what he was doing because he understood that I was asking for his full attention.  I was trying to connect.

People need to connect, they need to be heard, they need to be asked if they are ok.

Check on your parents, siblings and friends. You know them better than a stranger at a coffee shop or customer at your deli. Why not offer them an ear; they may not need it but what if they do?

Who do you talk to?

Lots of love,

Two Ears One Mouth xo

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