Oh Brooke, where the hell art we?

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36 days ago I posted a blog about Traveling Vicariously.

This is part two of that blog: which I am sure you have all read. You haven’t?

No problem… I’ll just make a sandwich while you click on the link and catch up ūüėČhttps://todayonmysideoftheplanet.com/2014/07/19/travelling-vicariously/,

Its been a month now and let me tell you I am exhausted. I can however say, ¬†all those people that¬†whinge that they don’t have time for a break, lies. There is always a way.

For instance here is a little glimpse of my life this past month.

July 30, 2014

I was on my morning tea break at Indooroopilly, which is located 7km west of Brisbane in Australia, when I received this message from Brooke.


Clearly the begging had worked. I had been kidnapped, shoved into a suitcase and was on my way out of the Country. I can tell by the look on my face in the second photo (completely different to the first photo)  that I had no idea where I was. In hindsight perhaps I should have turned around.

That day, somehow I managed to work two jobs and travel to the US. I think I can safely add time management skills to my resume.

31st July, 2014

I remember this day clearly because the escalators at work were down for maintenance and I had to use my legs to walks down. There is instagram proof of this occurring in Indooroopilly, QLD, Australia.  Brooke  saved my mood by taking me through Twitter to our nearest Starbucks. Wilshire and Vermont, LA, USA.


2nd August, 2014.

Saturday was insane, once again I had overcommitted myself. I started with a coffee with my brother.

AUG02 Real life

Next thing I know, Twitter dumped me near Bates Motel. I am not a fan of dying so we didn’t stay long, but I did manage to take a selfie. Not my best one but you try smiling with a Psycho on your tail.


Thankfully I did make it back to Brisbane, just in time to watch Lucy. Can I say I was a little bit of a let down with this movie. If Lucy could make the bad guys fall to the ground once, why did she let all those policemen die in the gun fight at the end? Why Lucy? Why!

AUG02 Real Life 2

5th August, 2014

The phones at work didn’t stop….me from going to have a coffee with my favourite Friends! *Clap,Clap,Clap,Clap*….. Totally sang Smelly Caaaaaat.

PS: Not a lot of people know this but Gunther is still there, I think Brooke could be the one to help him move on from his Rachel obsession.


8th August, 2014

I didn’t hear from Brooke for three days (Way to go Gunther). I found her in Vegas!


13th August, 2014

Huge day, Started off innocently enough with a morning walk around Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.

AUG13 Real life 2

Ended with a night on the town… I wish I could remember more. Brooke said it was a lot of fun…I just want to know¬†where are my sunglasses??


15th August, 2014

I had mentioned to Brooke once that I was afraid of bears. Today she kept insisting that every one go out for a picnic, I should have known she was up to something.

We parked the car and she said ‘Now don’t turn around, don’t scream….just run ok…RUN!”

I turned around to find these bears.. carved out of wood. Brooke¬†explained the bears used their ‘bare’ claws to make these statues, its suppose to¬†scare the tourists. I don’t believe her.


22 August, 2014.

I won’t forget this day too easily,¬† it was pouring rain and I was on my way to work at Indooroopilly.¬†A car skidded across the road and nearly hit me.

Then¬†Brooke took me to Yellowstone. She kept saying I needed to move back because she couldn’t get the Volcano in the shot.


I thought we were going to relax in hot springs?

Now standing just a few¬†meters away from death she¬†tells me¬†it’s a freaking VOLCANO.

Hey Brooke, can we go swing our legs off the next earthquake site too? Gah!


I am so grateful for my Vicarious Holiday.

Brooke still has another week in the USA, I laugh every time I get a Twitter notification from her. Travel safe dear friend, I SO needed this holiday!

Note: I haven’t posted all the photos she has Tweeted. If you want to see all our adventures you can find them on her account https://twitter.com/CanningBrooke . Wish her a save journey home!

Lots of love,

Vicarious Traveller x

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