A shout out to friends

friendsWhere would we be without our friends?

We can count on them to make the ‘worst day ever’ bearable. They are always there for us.

They push us to grow, challenge us, and before long they became like family. Some we met in kinder garden and others we met later in life.

Their friendship has become so valuable that we can’t imagine life without them. I don’t think we tell our friends enough how important they are to us.


They do SO MUCH for us….

They make us laugh until our stomach hurts.

When we lose perspective they are able to talk us down.

A knowing look from them is all it takes to make you realise you are being an idiot.

They make sure we never take ourselves too seriously.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe I fell.”
 “You saved the conference, people were falling asleep before you made a fool of yourself”
“I think my nose is bleeding..”

They remind us that life is too short to waste a good wine.

They know the difference between our fake smiles and our real ones.

“Oooh I saw that …what did he do?”

They will automatically hate someone that hurt us.

They trust us with their deepest darkest secrets & will take them to their grave.

They are honest with us.

They remind us that we are perfectly fine, just as we are.

They are happy to take your call no matter what else is going on.

“Hey, I can’t sleep. I am coming over to camp in your living room.”
“I hate you”
“I know”

They encourage us.

“Did you know Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because, he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”
“You think I lack imagination?”
“No I am saying if that Disney loser can make it, you are going to KILL it”

They support us.

They keep us sane by listening to our rant of the day even when it’s on loop.

They inspire us.

“This morning I cleaned the house, worked out, showered, dressed and made breakfast… then I got the kids ready, made them a gourmet lunch, drove them to school before I went to work. I picked them up in the afternoon, took them to ballet, soccer, judo and helped them with their homework…..um…then I cooked dinner, washed the dishes and read a book”
“I went to work with one shoe on this morning…are you sure you are not allergic to kryptonite?”

They gossip with you about things only you would find interesting.

They will go out after work to laugh, sing badly and dance with you when you need a fun night out.

They provide us with a shoulder to cry on.

They look after you when you are sick or injured.

They will make fun of you but not allow others to.

They never compete against you, instead they cheer and celebrate all your successes.

They make you a better person by just being your friend.

 Here is to dear friends, we owe you our sanity!

Love always,

Your friend xo

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