My dad had a huge belly laugh, you know the kind you can hear from anywhere. He had smiling eyes and was really funny.

Want to hear something weird? I don’t ever remember a time when my parents didn’t hold hands. They were embarrassingly sweet.

I learned a lot from my dad

He taught me that there is nothing more important than family. He fiercely tried to protect us from everything and anything.

He’d never buy just one of us a toy; he made sure that we all felt like we were equally important to him.

He was always helping people out.  As a mechanic he should have made a lot more money than he did, but he would often just charge for parts if he saw someone was financially doing it tough.

If his friends needed a hand they all knew they could count on him. Anytime, anywhere, dad would be there.

He never treated people differently, he was happy to talk to anybody and everybody.

He never doubted my ability to do anything…and I wanted to do everything! That is a powerful gift to give to a child. I miss his faith in me.

He always, always had my back.

He taught me at a young age that there are bad people out there and sometimes we have to protect ourselves. ‘Kick them in the balls, poke them in their eyes, scratch, bite, yell do whatever you have to do but don’t ever stop fighting for your life’ he would say.

He was brave. Can you imagine how scary the world must be to man in his twenties, responsible for the wellbeing of a wife and three children under the age of 5 in a foreign country? No other family, no friends and no job. My dad lived through that (surely lonely existence) for us.

I remember my dad’s greasy overalls sticking out from underneath cars until all hours of the night. Yet he was never too busy for a hug or to listen to whatever we had to say.

He was always trying to teach us new things, encouraged us to never stop learning. He devoured information like no one else.

He was strict when he needed to be, but he was also a lot of fun.  He would play wrestle with my brother, tickle us until we couldn’t breathe and get completely lost in a movie with us. He took us camping; he played soccer and would take us to the beach as often as he could.

When I was older he would get my mum to call me and then take the phone off her. He and I would talk a lot…about everything.

My parents showed up on my door step in Sydney once because I sounded tired. Dad drove over 900 kms on a whim, because something in my voice sounded like I needed them. He did this a few times, mum just had to say ‘I miss Claudia’ and dad would start checking his car was ready for a drive to New South Wales.

I am sure he wasn’t perfect but he was everything a dad should be. His love for his family filled his entire existence and thanks to that love my world was a better place when he was in it.

 He will be forever missed.

If your dad is anything like mine, make sure you tell him you love him, not just on Fathers Day, tell him every chance you get.

They deserve to hear it.

With lots of love to my dad.

Me xo



  1. He sounds just likeen you said, everything a father should be. And incredibly thoughtful & intuitive. Thanks for sharing his story with us Claudia, so very uplifting Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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