I have some exciting news…

In my spare time (<— What?) I am working quite hard to bring you all a new blog space to satisfy my passion for the Fresh Fruit and Veg Industry.

It’s also a genius way to keep in touch with my Produce Industry friends because *Insert The God Father’s voice* We are like family….


The blog will be kept separate to this one as it is about a whole different world.

I have in the works, exciting / interesting stories direct from your local growers.

I shamelessly plan to hype about all the delicious new season fruit and share some expert advice from those in the biz.

It will be launched in the next few weeks but in the meantime….



1) Do you have any Fresh Fruit or Veg questions that you would like to see answered? Send me an email by filling in the contact box below with your burning question(s).

2) If you would like to be placed on the subscription list to ensure you don’t miss an article – Send me your email address in the contact box below.

3) If you are part of the Fruit and Veg world and have news we can all get excited about (New season fruit, Innovation, Ways your company is being planet friendly?) – Send me an email in the contact form below with your hype worthy news or story idea.


Important note: I am not employed by anyone in the Fresh Produce Industry. I am Switzerland. I am just a girl, saying to the world….you gotta eat a lot more FRUIT & VEG!


Freshly yours,

Fellow fruit nut x0



  1. Claud – can you add me to the your subscription list for your new blog. Thanks.

    You should team up with Kalfresh vegetable farmer wife, she is a journalist who regularly updates their facebook page she also is behind the Lockyer Valley – paddock to plate event.

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