Things I ain’t got time for…


Can I buy some time? *Pulls out purse* seriously, any couch potatoes want to cash in a few wasted hours?

Anyone? I promise I will put it good use, no?

No matter how organised we are, and trust me I know people whose every move is ‘scheduled’, sometimes there is just not enough time in the day.

That is most likely why usually its the little things that can really drive us crazy. Such as? Well let me tell you what I ain’t got time for

 People at Starbucks who don’t know what they want and then ask a hundred questions…

I feel like clapping a fast paced beat and saying this is how quickly you need to move, and seriously what do you think is in an Iced Green Tea Latte? Eh maybe Ice, Green tea and perhaps milk? It’s all in the description people! AHH hurry up, I need my coffee!

Sunday drivers who drive every day of the week, in the fast lane, SLOWLY!

I am just wondering… do you want to die? Fred Flintstone could run faster than your car is travelling. If you are not overtaking WHY ARE YOU IN THE OVERTAKING LANE?

 Stores or Cafés who have “CASH ONLY” signs.

I don’t understand, its 2014, who uses cash? Any minute now our fingerprints will be linked to our banks accounts and you still expect me to carry around a purse full of coins or waste my time finding an ATM for Sushi?

Silly Arguments that don’t affect your life in anyway

I am a big fan of agreeing to disagree. After both sides have shared a point of view, that should be it. Why carry on because someone else has a different stand point? You are not Obi-Won and I am not your Padawan. Ask yourself, will you die if this person is not convinced that the US version of The Office ate the UK version for breakfast? Possibly…no probably not… Then LET IT GO! (but it did)

People who don’t replace the toilet roll after they used the last square.

PET PEEVE ALERT: Seriously how hard is it? Its common decency!


AGAIN its 2014 if my IPhone can unlock with my finger print why can’t everything else? I want my car to recognise me as I approach it and open the door. What’s the point of ‘keyless’ entry if you still need to carry keys AND find them in your handbag? Also I want the same technology when I get home with dislocated arms from carrying all my groceries. Why can’t my door run a simple facial recognition and open?

People that don’t have time for me

The kicker is that these same people then get offended or surprised when you don’t recognise their number. You fell off the face of the planet so of course I thought you were dead.

People who don’t take their job seriously

You are getting paid for a reason. As meaningless and mind numbing as you might think your job is, I bet it’s necessary. A job worth doing is a job well done <—- people don’t just make this sh*t up.

What would happen if the coffee supplier decided that they would rather go to the pub instead of supplying your favourite coffee shop on a Monday morning? No seriously…WHAT WOULD WE DO???


You had ONE job…

People who don’t do what they say they will do

If you say you are going to do something but then for whatever reason can’t, let me know so I can make other arrangements.

Most of the time this is annoying because they are holding you up.

It’s worse when they offer to help and you are like ‘no its ok you don’t have to…’ but they insist so you let them. Then this happens “Ready for desert? Oh that’s right, you didn’t bring any.” Humph!

…and maybe there is a tiny bit of residual anger because you could have made a backup dessert but you didn’t because, they would of course get upset that you expected them to forget to do the very thing they actually forgot to do. Instead you grin and bear it, and  run out and buy something that you could have prepared earlier…but it’s cool, I am over it.

 People who send you an email and then call to tell you that they sent you an email….and then read their email out to you.

I … just….need….to…know…Do you want to die?

Being put on hold for days.

I loathe being on hold, I hate the music they play and the way they tease you by saying your call is next. What was the previous call about because after waiting three hours I only took six minutes of your time. ‘Your call is important to us’ is it? Really? That flute solo left me feeling depressed and nauseous.


…and I could go on but I am sure you would agree, ain’t nobody got time for that 😉


What time wasters drive you mad?




The forever time poor xo



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