Farewell 2014


It’s almost 11 am and I am sitting in the car, in beautiful Bulimba waiting for my friend Danni. She is stuck in traffic, and so I find myself with forty minutes to kill. What to do? What to do?  Please say thank you to Danni for this super fun sized surprise blog post during my self-imposed hiatus. Sitting here entering my PT sessions in my calendar, I can hardly believe there are only a few days left of 2014. How is that possible?

This is the time of year that we all start thinking about what we will accomplish in the new year.

New Year resolutions are theoretically a great idea but as all things, if actions do not follow, they will remain simple ideas uncrossed on our to-do list for another 365 days!

Instead of dwelling on all the things pending from ‘New Years’ gone by,  I like to look back on the highlights reel in my head and check myself…(before I wreck myself) <—- apologies I may have a word association problem.

What did I learn? Who did I let down? Who has brought value to my life? Who has turned out to be more trouble than I have time for? Who has encouraged me, who believes in me, who is worth my time? What more could I have done? What situations could I have handled in a better way? Did I give enough of myself, was I there for my friends and family!

It’s amazing when you stop for a moment and think back, what a difference a year makes.

No doubt 2015 will bring new challenges and new people into your life.
Sadly you may even lose a few, it’s just life. Sometime we have a hand in it, other times when we lose someone important to us it’s either to physical or emotional distance, age or illness.

That’s why it’s so important to appreciate people who appreciate you.  

I tend to invest my time and energy in people who I need in my life. These people have a quality about them that bring out the best version of me. They enrich my life in someway. We are all busy, there is always something important that needs to be done. I for one am so far behind on my writing and general TO DO list that its embarrassing.

With that in mind, its clear to see that it’s a sure sign of appreciation when someone takes time out of their day for you.

2015 I have no list for you, to quote a friend of mine “F*ck resolutions” he is completely right. There is no point to them.

Rarely are they more than empty whispers we release into the wind, vanishing from our memory the moment we place that last champagne glass in the dish washer.

No list, no, just a promise to myself to be better person, sibling, daughter and friend. 

2014 sent people my way that make me laugh.  It gave me time to heal from painful wounds and motivated me enough to accomplish some important goals – This blog for one, the book submission, the writing classes and the online fiction responses. 2014 has also been kind enough to allow me to work with amazing people. Yes, all in all this past year has been very nice to me.

To the people who I share time with, I may not say it enough but you should know you are necessary, you are wanted, you are loved.

In 2015 I plan to hold on to you all with two hands and hope that I am fortunate enough to have you all stay.

A huge thank you to all my subscribers and to everyone who shared my blog on social media this year. Thank you to everyone who has read it out loud to a friend, emailed it to mate or taken a moment to leave a comment. Your support means the world to me. What can I say but Thank you, thank you and …THANK YOU.

Lots of love,

Claudia xox

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