The Star Of My Own Reality

If my life was a tv show

You know how you think that you and your friends are so funny you should have your own half hour sitcom?

Sometimes I feel the same way, not so much about me but certainly about my life.

I draw weird in like a moth to a flame.

Recently someone suggested that I blog about all the strange people I attract. I take challenges very seriously so I researched the most comprehensive reference available.

Yes, reading through my Facebook timeline, where I am sure many TV show moments MUST be birthed, I started to wonder how is it possible that there are no camera crews documenting my life?

Move over Mindy and Zoey – my life is way funnier in a sad …sad way.

Picture20Picture19 Picture8 Picture5 Picture24 Picture28 Picture29 Picture31 Picture22 Picture30 Picture2 Picture4 Picture32 Picture1 Picture13 Picture11 Picture14 Picture21 Picture15 Picture7

Picture26 Picture25 Picture3 Picture27

People ask me all the time where I get all my ideas from…Life! Its hilarious, especially if you tilt your head to the side and relax your eyes and insert some theme music.

Don’t take yourself too seriously and always focus on the good things. You will wear more smiles that way.

Lots of love,

The Star Of My Reality xo

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