Confessions Of A School Teacher

When someone says I have a confession to make I pull out the popcorn and get comfortable, because I know things are about to get real.

You also know that although you may or may not like what you are about to hear, you are about to get a better understanding of either the person or a particular situation.

This is the first in a series of ‘Confessions’.

I know how I treated my teacher’s way back when the world was black and white and I was in high school.

Although I wasn’t one of those kids that teacher’s daydream about cannonballing out of the classroom, I was very chatty.

In fact my report cards had an ongoing theme that started in the third grade.

“Claudia has an excellent grasp on the subject matter but is FAR more interested in chatting with her friends”

I was lucky though, aside from one incredibly smelly / serial killer looking music teacher, I generally had great teachers.

Looking back, it would have been interesting to see things through their eyes.

Personally I have always thought to be a teacher you would either have to be very brave or very naïve because let face it – kids can be, when they put their mind to it, the world’s nastiest hecklers!

With that in mind please enjoy the first of a Series of Confessions.



Victoria, Australia


How long have you been a School teacher? 15 years!!

How does one become a teacher? I did a three year Bachelor of Arts & then a Graduate Diploma in Education. Four years of study.

We all have good days and bad days, what makes it all worthwhile? The rewards are fairly regular in my job. Working with teenagers can be tough, but once you have their trust, they are a very loyal & lovely.

When you have a breakthrough with a tough nut, that’s the reward!

What is the biggest misconception about teaching by the general public? That we all arrive at 9am & leave at 3.15pm, then we sit on our butts all holidays!!  It’s really only half the holidays!!

Tell me a teacher joke? We do it for the money! Ha! That’s a joke!!

What is the first thing people ask you when they find out what you do for a living? What age do you teach? And when I say high school, they all go, ‘whoa!’

What is the one thing you wished all parents knew when they leave their little ones in your care? They are completely different with me than how they are with their mum and dad!

What is the big deal about HOMEWORK? Not a big fan of homework myself – unless it’s left over work from a class where they messed around!

How bad can a bad day for a teacher be? Pretty bad!! But you have no choice but to get back up after each knockdown…no one else is going to teach the class for you!

When it all gets too much you…? Head to the tuck shop for a choc chip cookie 🙂

Funniest thing that has happened at work? General Year 8 banter can be quite amusing, & trying to keep a straight (serious) face through it all can be amusing too.

In some professions your team is your family, is that the case in the teachers tea room? We always have each other’s backs! It’s great to download with people who actually understand some of the ins & outs of the teenage classroom… And there’s always wine in the staff room fridge- did I say that out aloud??

If you had the power to make one major change in your Industry what would it be? More financial rewards for teachers AND more respect towards the profession – that’s a big one!!

A typical day consist of at least five swear words walking through the yard and one drama episode between year 8 girls.

The thing about the school canteen isno matter how healthy you make it, it’s never really that healthy.

One thing every School teacher needs is a sense of humour & thick skin.

Without naming names  – Tell me a good student or parent story.  I have three beautiful classes this year. They are just divine & I actually look forward to going to class to see them. Very rare!!

You know you are a School teacher when? You carry white board markers & stickers in your hand bag!

What did your mum think when you choose this career? She still says, ‘I’m very proud of you!

I tell everyone you’re a teacher!’

Biggest piece of advice you would give anyone contemplating a teaching career? Be prepared to be happy, sad, creative, organised, flexible, calm, humorous, serious, disciplinary  & ever-changing! All in one day!! All the things I love about it!!!!!

Big thank you Miss! (Do they still call teachers that or am I just showing my age?)

Coming Soon: 

  • Confessions of A Supermarket Buyer.
  • Confessions of A Nurse.
  •  Confession of A Personal Trainer.

Yours truly,

The Confession Booth.


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