Why you should always choose to be kind or quiet.

no gossip

Someone much wiser than me once said ‘If you have nothing nice to say, it’s best not to say anything at all’

It’s no secret that people love to talk. Some prefer to talk about others because it distracts from their own problems.

Others do because they consider it fun.  These usually suffer from what I like to call ‘no-brain-all-mouth syndrome’.

They observe and commentate, but it’s more like a game. I would liken it to when you see two people talking from a distance and you can’t hear the conversation but you and your friend play out a funny alternate dialogue, making it up as their lips move. Sure it’s hilarious but you wouldn’t then claim to know what they were actually saying.

Others like to play judge and jury but only by slightly tapping the mallet so you don’t hear their ruling because you know, they are talking about you, not to you.

The cruel or the crazies don’t bother me because their behaviour is expected. It’s the people that should know better that tend to upset me.


They bother me because I prefer to digest Fiction, drama and heartache as reading material rather than see them play out in real life.

It surprises me that they don’t realise that speaking unkindly about other people will only attract negativity to their lives. Who can say they need that?

The person you are talking about will eventually hear about it and they will see you for one unkind and in turn unhappy human.

I think what we tend to forget is that what we say has power, words resonate and they can hurt, they can move; they can also lift or bury you.


We have the ability to be a positive or a negative force to those around us. After all everything we say or not say is a choice much like everything we do or not do.

The key is to be considerate of others, to pause and think about what you are about to say. What impact will your words have on the other person or their lives?

Would it be kind to say it? Would it be helpful or would it just be hurtful?

Think for a moment, could your words be the last straw, the drop that tips the bucket? Could it further tighten a noose that you had no idea was there?

Remember that saying things out of anger or from a place of hurt cannot result in anything other than more anger and more hurt.

Walk away, take a breath and calm down .We are all capable of being horrible when we emotionally lash out. Our tongues can be used to destroy or inspire.

Stop and think. What follows hurtful words? What follows careless gossip?

Regret follows, because you didn’t mean to say the things you said but once the words are out they take a life of their own. Yes you can apologize but you can never take away the way the conversation made the other person feel.

Harsh words are heard; they are felt and rarely forgotten.

Your words are like a super power. You have the ability to bring people together and power to tear worlds apart. Choose to be kind, if you can’t then choose to be quiet.


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