Be the light that lights the way.


I feel that most of the time we are all so busy dancing LIFE as a quickstep that we forget that we can alter the pace by taking a deep breath, changing the music and just slowing down.

I refuse to believe that we are here on this earth such a short while to JUST pay bills. We can’t be because we are all so much more than just work.

If we think outside of ourselves we can get a real glimpse of what we are all really here for. In my humble opinion we are all here for each other.

We all have a light within us that is capable to lift, encourage and energise those around us.

It’s so easy to fall into the mentality that you are just one person and that one person can’t possibly have anything to give that could make any sort of difference.

What you might fail to see is that YOU are also a miraculous being.

Believe me, as hard as it might be for you to hear, you are special in a million tiny ways.

Last week there was a man at the parking metre whose car was probably worth three of mine but his credit card wouldn’t work. We were standing outside a hospital and when he punched the meter I could tell he was a little stressed. I offered him a few gold coins and he just kind of stood there looking at me. I walked away and he later chased me down and said ‘Thank you, I just wanted to say thank you’. The look on his face, the smile of gratitude that he gave me carried me through the next few hours.

I know this sounds like I did something for him but the reality is that he did something for me. Last week was a hard week and I needed something positive. This stranger showing a little kindness back was simple and nothing extraordinary but it was that little bit of light that I needed.

We don’t need to be super heroes to make a difference here. We don’t need to have millions of dollars to donate to the less fortunate to create change.

We don’t have to be more than what we are; we just have to use our hearts.

Thinking outside of our problems and angst is a great place to start. A little bit of hope, a smile, and a positive attitude… that’s where you begin to shine a little light.

Going into a new year I wanted to remind the people closest to me that the way I see it they are all pretty miraculous.

I want them and the readers of this piece however far it reaches to know a few home truths:

You have the ability to not only be happy but to make other people happy.

You have the capacity to be compassionate and to show kindness to every living thing.

You possess the power of speech and beauty of expression.

You have within the strength and light to get through a crucible by purely believing you can.

When used your positive energy is able to lift others and inspire action. You can think, you can feel, you can do.

So many people make my world a better place and I appreciate them all.

I don’t have the cash to better your situation and I certainly don’t possess the artistry to paint you an inspiration. (Hold up… did I just write my first verse?)  I can’t save you all from any pain that might find you in 2016 but I can remind you that you are all enough and more than you allow yourself to see.

This year has had its moments, good and bad, but mainly I have felt grounded, together and dare I say it – happy.

Attitudes and peoples energy rub off on you so surround yourself with people who search for that one good reason to smile when they could easily drown in the ten good reasons to cry.

May you all find a song to dance to next year, a hope to cling to and friends that refocus your world from clouds to sunshine.

All my love,



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