Love is…

love-treeLife has a way of complicating things that should be simple. More accurately, we complicate things that should not be complicated.

Fact: Love is love is love.

That is as simple as it is eternally true.

With love there are no ‘if’, ‘buts’ or ‘maybes’.

Fools might try to replace something real with a shiny fake but isn’t that why we call them fools?

Love is something deeply felt.

love-tree-3Its unshakeable, it is forgiving, it is caring and it is loyal.

It’s not a substitute word for feelings such as empathy, loneliness or fear.

Long-term love is clear. You feel it or you don’t. It is not confusing or irrational like lust or need. It holds true and behaves unselfishly.

Love is the thing that reminds us that money is just printed-paper or digits on a screen. It cannot replace the warmth of family & friends. It is not material it’s emotional and spiritual.

Love will force you to put someone else before yourself without calculation, without strategy or thought. It does not take advantage of weakness; it does not manipulate or play games with hearts or minds.

Love is inclusive, sharing and present. It pays attention, it’s thoughtful and it’s kind.

Love is not violent, it is not hurtful and it never keeps score.

Love does not humiliate or belittle you. It should uplift, strengthen and empower you.

Love does not hide; it does not elude or exclude you. Love does not isolate or destroy you. It builds, it creates and it overcomes.

Red heart shaped treeLove does not threaten, ruin or lead you down a dark path. It offers a hand, it lends you an ear, it provides you a home.

Love does not beat you black and blue. Love does not make you feel worthless. Love does not want to hurt you.

It brings out the best in you. It shines light over your darkness and gradually heals old wounds.

It does not weaken or fail. It does not pretend, it does not steal, it does not hate.

It is kindness magnified, it is humane and it is powerful.

Love doesn’t bring misery, a lack of it does.

Love doesn’t bring pain, loss and tragedy does.

Love doesn’t create jealousy, fear does.


There are different types of love but in the end…

Love is Love is Love xox

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