Be Brave


I am surrounded by a lot of brave people.

People who risk their lives for others. Admirable men and women that answer the call when courage is a job requirement.

But bravery is not reserved exclusively for national heroes or fictional characters that wear a cape.  It’s not always about facing life threatening danger or enduring long suffering physical pain.

You can be brave in other ways that are just as important and difficult.

Its takes a brave person to speak out when its unpopular. Goliath can be intimidating but your strength lies in your truth and your voice.

A brave person leaves the job they dislike and takes a role that will make them a better person to be around.

A brave person tells someone how they feel even when the odds are not in their favour.

A brave person follows their heart and acts on their passion. They dare not only to dream but work hard towards those dreams.

Bravery is not always about being tough, allowing yourself to be vulnerable takes a lot of courage.  Its brave to love with an injured heart because your heart remembers what happened last time.  That was last time, not this time. A healthy balance of self-preservation is hard to strike. There is a time to give up on someone but there is also a time to lay all on the line and fight for them.

Being brave is standing up not just for yourself but for others. No matter the degree of severity, telling someone that it is not ok to hurt, use or abuse you or others is brave and necessary. 

Telling someone a hard truth they need to hear is brave when you don’t know how they will react or if they will push you away.

It takes a brave person to walk away from an unhealthy but familiar situation. Just because ‘It’s always been like this’ or ‘It’s just the way things are’ doesn’t mean that things can’t change.

Change is brave.

‘Its ok, I am used to it’ is not a reason –  it’s an excuse.

Speaking up, standing your ground and taking what is yours is brave. To leave be what isn’t yours to take when it means you are left without or on your own – that is brave too. No one said doing the right thing is easy, sometimes it takes a lot of guts.


Its takes courage to take a hard look at yourself and accept the honest and sometimes awful truth.

Evaluate what needs to change in your life and do it. Face your fears, try new things, and go on adventures.

Your life is never what you are dealt, it is what you make of it. Who you let in, who you walk away from. You choose what you want to be, who you want to be, who you truly are.

Be brave enough to live the life you deserve by being the very best version of you. 


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