No Frills



When I was growing up there was a supermarket that stocked ‘No Frills’ products. A ‘no name’ brand that didn’t focus or depend upon a company name or identify with a boxed demographic.

To some people it signified cheap products. They were more affordable because you weren’t paying for a brand or fancy packaging.

Mum, a new immigrant with three small children and unaware of popular Australian brands, would buy some of these products. She liked them because they were easy to read. PEELED TOMATOES were Peeled Tomatoes. SUGAR was sugar. LEMONADE was, you guessed it, Lemonade. No Frills had no time for fancy slogans, flashy logos or standing out to create a niche.

There were no identifiable differences so you really couldn’t go wrong. As much as I love variety I like the basic idea of No Frills.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a No-Frills world?

A world where children are children, not labelled black kids, white kids or the Asian kid that lives down the block. We would drop the branding and accept that what you are looking at is just a kid.


No Frills would wipe the slate clean of bad verbal habits that create separation, division or differences. People are just people, no brand, just humans that are equally important and necessary.

In a picketing society where we struggle for fairness, work parity, equality and freedom from all socially created limitations I’d like to instil the importance that we are all the same. We are all made of flesh and bone.

Underneath all the fancy frills we are human, plain and simple. We don’t need to focus on further categorization. That’s when we start getting into trouble. Acceptance of this one universal truth would make such a difference.

If we all could accept that, there would be less racial violence, less hate, less bullying. There would be more empathy in a world in desperate need of it. There would be more unity in a time where some would like nothing more than to separate us.

Our differences make us unique but our similarities make us human.

My race, your race, their race and our race is, there is only one answer, human.

Underneath our skin, where it truly matters we all have the same working bits. Blood pumping, nerves and neurons connecting and bones and joints moving us forward.

It’s not to say that our ethnicities shouldn’t be celebrated, they bring culture, variety of music, culinary delights and the beautiful sounds of accents and language. There is truly nothing dull about us.

We come in all shapes and sizes, colours and hair types. We enjoy different music, have different beliefs, are attracted to different people. We have different political views and we have different talents. Those differences shouldn’t separate us they should be shared, respected and enjoyed.

In fact I argue that these difference just highlight how alike we all are. We come in all shapes and sizes, colours, and hair types, we all enjoy music, we all have some sort of belief system, we are all attracted to people and have a political view and each and every one of us is good at something.

We have the same growing pains, teenage dramas, insecurities and midlife crisis. We struggle at work, we grieve losses, we look forward to weekends and we love our friends and family.

We share all these commonalities and a myriad of others. A reset to our factory setting of open-mindedness and acceptance of all is needed.

We act the fool when we make fun of others. We are essentially ridiculing ourselves.

Much love,

Fellow Human xox

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